Advertising with videos on Google

Advertising with videos on Google

We have two video services – plus one pro photo service

1) One time use $99.99 – Basic ($99.00 deal)  We take VISA Mcard, and AMEX
2) Monthly, one minute HD video posted on YouTube, Facebook, GooglePlus for $99.99 per minute See Samples of videos, See Samples of where your video is posted. Regular $175.00 per month, ** based on a six months-six video commitment. Value of $99.99 per month for 6 months provides you 6 videos one per month Posting of your contact information and a picture on a web site related to your type of service on Instagram – Facebook – Flickr – Twitter – GooglePlus – Pineterest  -Tumbir – 4Square and these additional keyed sites.  The keyed sites are based on keywords such as accountant, which would be on “Canadian’ or food services on “” List Of Keyed Web Sites Here


Anything you would have in a TV commercial can be in the video. This 1 minute video will be posted on youtube to promote your business. has over 150 videos posted on youTube. Your video will be of your store with your address and phone number shown all of the time. This video will help your business show up on GOOGLE Your video will be included on our directory website, where customers will be able to watch it in HD. Today’s customers expect a video. According to research, 9 out of 10 consumers say that Internet video marketing influences their buying decision, and over 80% say they are more impressed by advertisers who use video. With video, your business is 50 times more likely to show up on the first page of Google™ search results, on local searches for businesses like yours.

3) Add a host / MC (Add $20.00 per video, at a shoot for 6 videos)  


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