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This is a play list with over 20 videos

Videos Shot For Jon Long of the Danforth Jam


Jon Long was a marketing guy, with an idea that if he posted videos of singers on utube that this will help them get a gig. Jon paid Paul Murton to produce these videos.  As the associated web sites that promoted these video are gone. I thought i would be a nice idea to feature them here so they can be found and viewed as Jon as wanted.

Subway Elvis – HeartBreak Hotel

Tony Wild T  Springer

Garfield Stoddart Rolling Stones
You can’t always get want u want

Sean Lafferty “Willie and the Hand Jive”

Sean Lafferty Band “Knock On Wood”

Toney Wild T Springer

Whiter Shade Of Pale – Gary Bluestone

U2’s “One” Sung By James Russell

Chain Of Fools Feat: Nicole

I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by CoverGirlz — above

Something to Talk About “Ms. Boogie” — below

Crossroads (Cream) Starsik Coves Robert Johnson

40 Below by Diga (Yellowknife) Danforth Jam

Danforth Jazz Giants

Stevie Gee “Ain’t That Just Like A Woman”

Stevie Gee Band “Sunny” ( Bobby Hebb 1966 )

Miss Jaye / Stevie Gee – What’s Going On

“Feeling Good” FT: Shaemara + Stevie Gee

Stevie Gee – Crazy Love

Chris Casserly